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Fintech Recap: BNPL credit reporting, P2P payments, & SPACs

Fintech Recap: BNPL credit reporting, P2P payments, & SPACs

Plus the web3-adjacent topics we just can't let go.

Welcome to another episode of Fintech Recap, a monthly podcast where Jason Mikula of Fintech Business Weekly and I try to figure out what happened in the worlds of banking, fintech, and crypto and what it all means.

In this episode, Jason and I bid farewell to 2021 by discussing:

  • The credit bureaus’ long-time-coming embrace of BNPL.

  • The introduction of new products in the P2P payments space.

  • The tables turning on fintech SPACs and what to expect in 2022.

And, as is quickly becoming tradition, we spent a few minutes at the end talking about the news stories and trends we just can’t let go of (spoiler alert — several web3 buzzwords are involved).


Alex Johnson is a Director of Fintech Research at Cornerstone Advisors, where he publishes commissioned research reports on fintech trends and advises both established and startup financial technology companies.

Twitter: @AlexH_Johnson


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